Weddings and manners and common sense….

I just got back from 12 days in Arizona, planning and coordinating a beautiful outdoor wedding for the daughter of a friend. Handmade decorations, favors, escort cards, outdoor lighting, tables, chairs, linens, liquor, flowers, hay bales, food, water, ice, ice and more ice… Well it was in Arizona, outside and 95⁰.

Photo by The Pros

Happily Married – Photo by The Pros

After being the “day of” wedding planner for a few weddings I am still amazed how expensive they are. Not to mention ALL the work that goes on behind the scenes, especially if you’re having it on a few acres at your home and expecting 150 people.

While working outside in the heat, I had some time to think about things relating to weddings, like manners and common sense.  That is, before my brain began to melt….

  • The concept of what a bride’s family and groom’s family pays is really outdated. I can’t ever remember one groom’s family asking for a dowry, so try and get expenses sorted out up front.
  • When asked nicely, things – even the near impossible things – can be accomplished.
  • RSVP – Répondez S‘il Vous Plaît means – PLEASE RESPOND.  So please respond either way by the date requested – NOT the day of.
  • Attending a wedding is like attending a well-mannered party. This means you don’t throw food on the floor, even if it is outdoors.
  • If attending, bring a gift that lets the couple know you’re helping them start their life together, not allowing them to visit McDonalds for lunch. If you know the wedding is in the future, budget money every week for the gift. You must have been very special to be invited, let them know how special they are.
  • I wonder if guests really see ALL the small details that cause brides to become unglued months and weeks and days before the event. As you sit at a wedding, take the time to look around and notice. Consider all the time, effort and money that were put into the event, be grateful for being invited to share in the day, enjoy being dressed up and thank your host. Please don’t complain because things didn’t go the way ‘you’ thought they should.
  • Fathers, Mothers, Uncles and Aunts need handkerchiefs.
  • When attending a wedding where favors are given, please take them. They meant a lot to the bride as she painstakingly put them together.
  • I love that family and friends help out before the big day and when they’re dressed up on the day of. They roll up their sleeves and help with everything you ask.
  • Doing whiskey shots with good friends after all the work is done is Priceless!

This has got me wondering what my children’s weddings will be like?  It may just be time for another whiskey…!

Grateful for you


5 thoughts on “Weddings and manners and common sense….

  1. Thank you again for all your hard work! Our wedding was beautiful thanks to you! You truly are a blessing to our family! Love your blog!

  2. Something I have done a few times as a hairstylist is have the Bride and Mother of the Bride come in together…separately from the rest of the attendants! It’s a wonderful time for mom and daughter to reconnect and relax before the ceremony. Every time I have done this both have said it was a very special part of celebration!

  3. I would hope that most of you readers, if not all, know how AMAZING my friend Sheree is! Not only our immediate family ( bride, groom, sister & uncles) but also the 150 attendees were completely overwhelmed with awe, at the beauty and organization of my daughters wedding. You notice I said ” organization,” yes, of the many talents-organization Sheree has mastered.
    Anyone that happened to be within 150 yards of this masterpiece of a woman during the final prep weeks was definitely given structured orders. Some of you may think this sounds harsh…..” Well get over yourself and just get it done…really? ” ( yes, that would be Sheree).
    The attention to all the “little” things……WOW…. I guess that’s where being an artist comes into play……
    As I look at the online wedding photos that were just recently posted, I get to see even more of the talents of this amazing woman.
    So, in closing, there is a part of me that wants to continue writing about how most awesome my wedding planner is…..I best get on with my day….because I know that I could write some inspiring novel that would be found in Barnes & Nobel’s self help section.
    Ms Sheree, please know how you have touched all of our hearts so very deeply. We would not have been able to pull this wedding off with such spectacularization ( new word…..I’m good like that) without you!
    You are always grateful for us……I know I speak for your audience –
    We are grateful for amazing you!

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