Today I am a sexagenarian

I am so EXCITED!  Today I am a sexagenarian.  Ok, in reality I thought that meant that 60 year olds were still sexy… sometimes you just shouldn’t look up the definition of a word.   It means I’m entering my “seventh decade” or that I’ve been hanging out for around 22,000 days.  Ok then…

Looking back on the 525,600 hours I’ve been observing, I came up with a couple of key things to celebrate on this momentous birthday:

  • I wake up each morning with the ability to breathe, see, hear, taste, speak, touch and move. And most mornings I can even remember what day it is!
  • I witnessed the computerization of information, cordless phones and the internet.
  • I’ve seen food go from being grown organically, to being processed with hormones, chemicals and genetically modified, then back to being grown organically.
  • Pollution has been turned around, like in the LA basin which used to be hidden by thick red clouds and now buildings and sunsets can be seen from 40 miles away.
  • I was old enough to watch the Beatles on TV (black and white) when they first visited the USA.
  • When the USA started their space program, I watched, but didn’t appreciate it as I should have.
  • I have learned to love gifts of experiences, that I keep in my heart, rather than gifts I keep on the shelf.
  • I’m blessed to have two beautiful children, a husband and a family who is truly amazing.
  • I was able to have heart to heart talks with both my parents before their journeys ended.
  • I have been deeply in love more than once in my life.
  • I‘ve seen a Northern White Rhino before it becomes extinct. As of Sunday there were only five left in the world.
  • I have had a Life Changing experience (thanks Boom).
  • I have had the best dogs in the world, and a cat or two.
  • I have taught a cat to walk on a leash – ok that’s not headline worthy but it’s not easy.
  • I have learned that when there’s a drought in your life, whether it is water, money, employment or friends, it all works out, everything is cyclical.
  • I have been blessed to have more than “one” good friend.
  • Disneyland and I are the same age, which is awesome!
  • I can still be completely surprised… like when I was walking the cat (don’t judge) and tried to remove a lizard from her mouth, which then led to the lizard running up my pants leg. Don’t fret, I pinched off the pants at my knee and was saved by a husband who nearly peed his pants as he hysterically helped.

I don’t really agree with the ‘OLD’ title many people assign to certain ages.  So instead of OLD I’m experienced, knowledgeable, qualified, skilled, compassionate and talented.  It’s taken 60 years to acquire all of that goodness but it’s also taken me that long to recognize it.  So it’s time to celebrate just a smidge of my incredible life, and what better birthday to do it than the SEXY-genarian birthday!!!

If you haven’t made a list of YOUR goodness’ for YOUR birthday this year, you need to get started!!!

Grateful for you and birthdays!


7 thoughts on “Today I am a sexagenarian

  1. What a beautiful reflection of your life, and what a great time to celebrate it! Good idea, I think I’ll get started on my list! Happy Birthday Sheree! <3

  2. Loved your list! Especially the one about the lizard-that made me laugh! You have one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met! Happy Birthday my dear friend!

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