Did I Teach Him Enough?

Did I Teach Him Enough?

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September 1st always marked the beginning of school for me.  And even today I love watching the children scoot up and down the aisles in the stores picking out the perfect #2 pencils (well maybe it’s a tablet now) and stocking up on way too many spiral notebooks.  I long for the smell of crayons just out of the box and the hunt, with my daughter, for the ‘perfect’ backpack.

Sending the children off to the hands of teachers who have the patience of saints –  was a bit of a relief, but in the back of my mind I knew my school year, had just begun.  I’d be the hall monitor at home; homework first and play second.  They’d need snacks to help their brains and bodies grow, so I’d be the cafeteria lady and develop inventive ways to keep them fortified.  Being active was a building block to focus and creativity, so I’d be the water-mom carrying and transporting them to practice and games.  I’d be learning right along with them, everyday, what anglerfish are or how Sitting Bull died and we’d be researching all of this at a library since we weren’t hooked up to the internet back then.  We were teaching them, as a team – school and family – how to live their own lives, intelligently, physically and in a healthy way.

Both of our children have graduated from college, so I’d like to offer this to all those moms who can’t wait to get those little learners off to the bus and who may have an ingrained fear that they may not be ready.  Here are my thoughts 7 years ago when leaving our son at ASU for his freshman year at college….

Today I did what so many of you have done before.  Today I moved my first born into the dorm at ASU, leaving him with sheets, aspirin, towels, water and a couple thousand other items. Did I teach him enough?  Did I teach him to be kind enough, resourceful enough, and courageous enough?  Will he eat enough, sleep enough, and study enough?  After pondering the word “enough”, I discovered when broken down it spelled “one hug”, and that’s what he gave me before I walked out the door.  As I stood in the hallway, I turned and saw him give me one last smile, which turned out to be, just “enough.”

Remember they’re gone in just a breath… Enjoy their journey!

Grateful for you…


2 thoughts on “Did I Teach Him Enough?

  1. SOOO very true! Somedays I miss my “little” kids. I remember being told enjoy them now because they grow up way too fast and then their gone….college, marriage & their own families.
    I do cherish many of those days gone by but enjoy watching the amazing adults they have become. Really enjoy the beautiful 5 grandchildren we’ve been blessed with. Grateful that at least 2 of them we see frequently, participating in their activities. And enjoy the short visits with all the other, We can only hope & pray that the “Enough” we gave as mothers will be “Enough” to past along. Love you & just observing

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