Need to Believe

I need to Believe

I need to Believe

I’ve got to believe that the person who cut me off on the freeway, again, is on their way to the hospital….

I need to believe that the rude person, who was hurtful to the lady working at the post office, just received bad news about a loved one…

I want to understand that the checkout clerks who are complaining about their jobs instead of doing their jobs, are dealing with other problems in their lives…

I’ve got to believe that the very intelligent person, who hacked into our ‘savings’ account, could not find a job in the computer industry and it was the only way they could feed their children….

I need to believe that learned behaviors, which have somehow become part of people’s DNA, can be changed.  That the taking of lives for land or money or power, will stop.

So, with gritted teeth I send loving thoughts to those who cut me off, are rude or uncaring, and who steal from others. I send prayers of change to the millions who have known nothing but war and sadness and feel there is no other way.  And to all the families who lose loved ones daily because of it, I send you peace.

I hope the sadness in those who cause such pain is lifted, and they will be able to see, one day, what sadness they’ve created in the lives of others.

Grateful for you,


~~ In memory of the lives lost on Malaysia Airlines 17 ~~



3 thoughts on “Need to Believe

    • This is a good reminder to start each day asking God…the universe, to open our eyes and ears to the inherent good in all humans. But I will admit it can be quite a challenge, especially with all of the influence and opinions bombarding us! I guess real faith “believing” is trusting that quiet whisper within us…that I like to “believe” is love!

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