The Lessons from 9-11

Sunset Towers

Lesson from 9-11

Today there will be A LOT of stories written about the sadness and the horror.  There will still be people blaming this party or that and the cursing of people’s political beliefs or religions.  Have they missed the lessons that were given to all humans, that day 13 years ago on September 11?

My observations on the lessons from 9-11…

People were incredibly kind on that day and the days that followed.  The sense of loss enveloped everyone and how reverent we all became.  After coming to grips with the thought that it could never happen here, in our beloved and protected America, we became humble.  We came face-to-face with the far-fetched thought that an action, out of our control, could strip us of our lives, families, careers, and bank accounts.  This caused us to become genuinely caring humans on that day and the days that followed.

Dialogues were opened with families, friends, neighbors, and strangers.  We held our children, spouses, and parents a little closer understanding how precious life is and how in a blink it can be gone.  As a neighborhood we stood by the playground hand-in-hand with strangers, taking turns sharing our own prayers.  Walls we created, cinderblock or imaginary, were removed and we began to see each other as humans not as adversaries or strangers on that day and the days that followed.

When I drove on the nearly empty highways people drove slower, more conscientiously, with more kindness and patience.  Politically driven news stations reported the same thing, with the same angle, with the same truth, not slanted in any one direction, just head on reporting of what had happened on that day and the days that followed.

People talked about the quiet that seemed to emerge on that day and the days that followed.  There was no laughter from children playing outside; no sounds from airplanes and even the birds seemed to stop singing.

On that day the whispers of prayers, the sound of tears falling and millions of inconsolable thoughts had been released into our landscape and with the whoosh of humankind emotions, the land had been silenced.  Did disaster remind us — abruptly — in the silence — to pray, reflect, and apologize on that day and the days that followed?

Have we let the noise and numbness return and replace the feelings we felt and how we treated one another on that day?  Did we remember those lessons on the 4,748 days that followed?

I’m thinking today is a perfect day to reflect, regroup and realign our priorities and remember the lessons that were given to us, the ones that should never be forgotten, today or the days that follow.

Grateful for you,


** In memory of the souls lost in 9-11-01 **

Here’s an incredibly special talk given by the son of a terrorist which was just carried on  I think every child on this planet should hear this gentleman speak.

Zak Ebrahim: I am the son of a terrorist.  Here’s how I chose peace.




4 thoughts on “The Lessons from 9-11

  1. thank you Sheree! It really was a somber time and our focus was sharpened. We do need to regain that sense of American community because “United we stand”. We can and will do great good in spite of the threats against us. And we need to fear not. God is Almighty. The terrorists are not.

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