Let’s Be Honest

I started thinking about honesty after a conversation with a sweet little Girl Scout outside the grocery.  I asked her how much the cookies were this year.  She, in all her 10 year oldness said, “Five dollars a box, they really up’d the prices this year.”  I tried not to laugh out loud as a mom behind her swung around and said “Which one of you said that?!?” I stopped her and said, “No really, I was thinking the same thing and I appreciated her honesty”.  I bought two boxes and as I walked to my car I thought, “I truly admire that 10 year old.”

Let’s be honest, I agree that knowing some truths don’t always make us happy.  So here are a few of my truths…

Siri Smart Talking

Siri Smart Talking

1.  Siri is not a real person even though she’s truthfully been acting like one.

2.  I don’t want to know the truth about tiny critters living on my eyelids.

3.  Even though it’s good for you, exercise basically hurts, that’s the truth.

4.  Fast food IS bad for you, but the truth is, I sometimes need a small Dr. Pepper and fries.

5.  Muffin tops will always be there if you wear bottoms two sizes too small, it’s true.

6.  I truly want to believe I’m not the only person in the world who has put their phone in the refrigerator.

7.  Truth is I’m not ok with buying a cup of coffee that costs $4.25, when a pound of coffee, used at home can formulate down to $.23 a cup.

8.  If everyone in the world was treated to a massage, there would be no wars, a basic truth.

9.  No matter how good you know you’ll feel, when your acupuncturist goes back twice for more needles, you’ll truly be nervous.

10.  Sunshine does make everything look better, basic truth of nature.

11.  When a bad day or mood occurs, taking one minute to smile will change your outlook, a proven scientific truth.

12.  Santa Claus is real, that’s the truth.

13.  In the 60’s and 70’s we used to personalize our cars, now we personalize our bodies, weird truth.

14.  The internet is amazing, but isn’t always truthful.

Ah… the “truth” from the internet or Facebook.  I try NEVER to comment on articles, unless it’s a positive comment, but last week I got sucked into a “comment banter.”  All I did was research the issue and type, “Not true”.  Big mistake, the flood gates were opened.  The funny part of all this, by stating the truth I actually defended a party I don’t support. The article just WASN’T ACCURATE and no one wanted to take the responsibility to fact check.

We post or share things that support our way of thinking whether they’re true or not with just a little click, no matter whom it hurts.  It can take 5 minutes to check an article’s accuracy, but we just don’t.  Is it because we believe everything that is written on the internet?  Really?

We all need to sit, or if you’re super busy, stand, for five minutes and  truly be honest with ourselves.   “Why do I continue to follow the crowd if I know it doesn’t seem quite right?” “Why do I make a conscience or unconscious effort to blindly forward articles that may not be true without checking them out?”  What is MY responsibility?

Behind every story, is a person, people or issues that can be affected forever, by just one click. Here’s an amazing Ted Talk by Monica Lewinsky, who speaks about the incredible power of a click and the devastation it caused in her life and all those who are cyber-bullied.

So it’s back to the basics we learned in Sunday school…

Treat others like you’d like to be treated.

Be Truthful

Be Kind

And don’t be obsessed with the Click….

Grateful for you,



4 thoughts on “Let’s Be Honest

  1. lots of smiles reading this. I’m not nervous with more needles for acupuncture – the more the better as long as they’re great at it! #8 is totally true. #7 I agree! Waste of money too many calories and too strong! I always try to remember to check Snopes. In definitely not a lemming! Well written, Sheree Lynn Marie Elizabeth! Am I remembering correctly?

  2. Once again your truth is sooo true. So glad we learned at our age we can say we don’t want to go….it’s ok to stay & we all are ok with the choice….remember?

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