Intentions of Giving a Gift are Never Forgotten

On Facebook the Illinois sister posted a picture of a bouquet of Lilies of the Valley from her yard.  Then it started with a comment, from the sister in California — “I miss them SOOO much!”

They ARE beautiful

Live Lilies

The comment then turned into an idea, one that the sister in Illinois had to do right away, before Lilies were out of season.

First she called florists in the state of California to see if they could deliver a bouquet to the sister whose comment reflected how she missed Midwest spring flowers, since her departure 25 years ago. The florist said, sure they could make it happen at $10 a stalk.  Her mouth dropped open as she looked at the yard that was completely covered with the blooming Lilies.  The florist suggested she overnight her home-grown bounty – perfect idea!

She quickly picked all the Lilies in the yard and made a bouquet including the ones that were on her kitchen counter. She stopped at a florist to ask ‘how’ to ship flowers, bought a water reservoir and then boxed them up.

They ran to the post office before 5:00pm Friday night and paid $40.00+ to overnight them and guarantee delivery by Saturday at 3:00pm.

She suggested the Cali sister stay at home to wait for the surprise delivery, which, sadly, never arrived. Sunday came and went and finally the box was delivered Monday at 12:15pm.

Well you guessed it, they were spoiled and the fragrance she was hoping to waft out of the box as it was opened, was transformed to that of “decaying flowers”.

They were beautiful!

Dead Lilies

Although the Illinois sister sat in sadness and anger at the disappointing events, she missed that the most important gift – WAS – given. It was the thought, the effort, the detail to attention and the desire to make something very special and unique happen for the California sister.

Gifts spoil, get eaten or broken, and may get hidden away but…

“Intentions of giving a gift are never forgotten!”

Thank you for the intention of sending me a bouquet of Lilies of the Valley! Next year I may just have to hop on a plane and enjoy them in person!

Grateful for you and Spring flowers,


8 thoughts on “Intentions of Giving a Gift are Never Forgotten

  1. You are an amazing sister to receive such a gift with grace and excitement. You also have an amazing sister that loves you very much to go to such lengths to make the special gift happen . You are so right about the intension of the gift is what matters in our lives. Thank you for sharing your gratefulness.
    Blessings, Sue

  2. Now you have me crying…I appreciate your looking at this in such a positive way. I will admit that my excitement of knowing you would open them to the beautiful smell quickly turned to anger and sadness as the hours continued to pass for 3 days knowing these fragile beauties would not last that long. Thank you for acknowledging the intent instead of wondering why I sent you a bunch of dead, foul smelling flowers! Love you sister with all my heart! Next time I’ll deliver in person!!!

    • You mailed me lovely flowers, the USPS delivered me dead ones! Thanks for trying to share a bit of Spring with me! Love you…

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