I feel like we’re always waiting for something…

For the past three weeks I have been remodeling an office in Tempe, AZ about 360 miles from my home. Luckily my son and his girlfriend live eight miles from the job and have a guest room with my name engraved on it….

While here, I visited with friends who remodeled their kitchen but had one last piece to do – the back splash. The kitchen was done in beautiful neutrals, dark cabinets, white and brown granite and stainless appliances. So how hard could it be to finish it off? Something was keeping the wife from making a decision from the 20 tile samples that were laying about the house.

We talked a bit and though the samples her husband had picked were stunning, there was something missing. The samples were safe and neutral, but lacked ‘her’ personality.

Years ago my older sister asked me something interesting? “Why do you only decorate with your personality when you’re going to “sell” your home instead of doing it when you first move in?” Why DIDN’T I do things to my house right away?  Since that day I have decorated my homes to LIVE in, from the beginning: colored walls, drapes, rugs, bedding, and I love being there – coming home – (which someday I hope to do – with the added bonus of seeing my husband).

The Staircase in my home!

The Staircase in my home!

As I shared this bit of wisdom with my friend she asked, “What if I put the tile up and I don’t like it in a year or two?” and I responded, “It’s only tile, rip it out!”

I wonder why we wait to put up those back splashes that reflect our personalities. Why don’t we paint a wall orange with white polka dots, or hang drapes from our patio? Are we waiting for permission from someone? And besides, when we sell, can’t we just paint those walls back to taupe?

I feel like we’re always waiting for something: growing up, graduating, promotions, better homes and cars, weddings, grand babies, retiring or putting some amazing back splash up.

Stop waiting and put up the damn back splash!

With gratitude,


4 thoughts on “I feel like we’re always waiting for something…

  1. YES!!!! I agree. That’s why I have a PURPLE room, its me, mine, I’ll share it with anyone & do. It may be a bit much for some (Sheree) but it brightens me. After having to move every 3 years or so because of transfers and was always told…..must stay neutral I hated it and the last few house have just done our way and it has worked out just fine! SO JUST DO IT!! Make a decision and get her done!!!

  2. So funny! We’ve been there with lots of clients, haven’t we? I don’t why it is so hard for most people nowadays to enjoy NOW……there is so much to enjoy! Lately the clouds have been such an amazing treat for the eyes! There’s so much more and so much to be thankful for! God bless!

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