Happy Third Planet from the Sun Day

Beautiful BudsToday we celebrate the Earth, although I’ve often thought that we should be celebrating it “every” day since we’d have nothing to stand on if it weren’t here…

Living in California and facing grave water shortages I’m reminded daily what an amazing planet we live on.  It supports us in breathing, eating and drinking and it provides us with incredible entertainment (Grand Canyon, Mount Everest, Northern Lights and the light shows from thunderstorms – which I’m hoping I’ll actually get to see this year).

So today, no matter where you live:

  • Turn off the water when you brush your teeth
  • Don’t flush so often
  • Turn the water off in the shower as you soap up, wash your hair and shave.  (Your legs will have a very close shave as it will be a bit chilly in the shower and the hairs will stand straight up.)
  • Take 5 minute showers instead of planning your entire day while the water is running
  • Save the water you run while you’re warming up the shower and use it for your plants
  • Keep a container of water in the refrigerator so you don’t need to run the faucet until it’s cold


  • Washing your hands takes one gallon of water
  • Shaving your legs takes one gallon of water
  • Old toilets take 3.5-7 gallons for every flush

It’s stated that a human uses approximately 80-100 gallons of water EACH day.  Just imagine storing that many gallons in your home.  What if one day you went to turn on the water and there was none?

So from me to the big ball of blue we stand on, thank you for gravity and Happy Earth Day!

Grateful for living here and you,


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