Happy Jar – It’s time

People…. It’s time to get Happy! No more excuses.  No more worrying about bombs in North Korea.  No more worrying about political parties.  No more worrying about not winning that BIG lottery prize.  It’s time to get Happy about your “extraordinary, ordinary life”*.  It’s time to make a HAPPY JAR!!

Happy Jar


I started my Happy Jar last January 1st and when I was happy or grateful about something, I’d write a small note about it and put it in the jar.  I didn’t do it every day, but could have.  On the 31st of December this year I read through all the notes and a few surprise notes others had added.  It was a beautiful review of what wonderful things had occurred in my life.  We all tend to remember only the bad or the sad, but this little habit brought me to remember how “extraordinary, my ordinary life” is!



Here are a few of my notes:

“The trip to visit my sisters and check in on my brother-in-law Tim”

“Spending the weekend in Santa Barbara with the Kinsells”

“The most amazing Birthday EVER”

“Quiet time with my husband doing puzzles and watching football”

This has got to make you smile!!!

From my best friend and Pinochle partner


Your Happy Jar can be anything: a Rubbermaid bowl, a Ziplock bag or an empty chip bag – it doesn’t matter what you use, just that you do it.

If you don’t believe me, just Google “Is there proof that being grateful makes you happy?” and a gazillion links will pop right up in front of your electrified face!

Grateful for you (so I’ll be dropping a note in the Jar to remind me)


*About Time, (the movie) 2013

4 thoughts on “Happy Jar – It’s time

  1. I was so happy to share reading those notes with you on New Year’s Eve!! You do have an extraordinary ordinary life and you teach us all how to appreciate the “now” — because we will never get it back again!

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