Ego or is it something else?

I’ve been observing how everyone’s ego seems to be WAY out of control; a day without an immigrant, a day without a woman, and a day without a (fill in the blank).  It’s as if people think they can’t be replaced by someone else – someone who really wants to be us.

News stations telling us what we should believe through their bias, instead of reporting the actual news. Company’s so large that treating you as a valued human has been replaced with profits, profits, profits.  We’re angry, defensive, and fast to blame others.  We judge, criticize and use social media to attack and bully.  “Our” religion is the “only” religion and God is only on “my” side not yours.  We publish our opinions on public forums as if no other opinion matters, no other point of view is correct, no one is as smart as us or has researched and proven their point as well as we have.  There is only one side… not two.

That makes for such a FLAT view of life.

But as I was researching the issue of ego, I found that ego is ruled by the reality principle. So it’s not really the ego at all that is out of check, it’s the id – that silly thing that is ruled by the pleasure principle.  That immediate gratification thing, which means it doesn’t care about consequences or who it hurts.  It’s all about the id – Individual Domination (my description) – that always has to have its way, no matter what.

We’ve all been ruled by it at one time or another, it takes over our consciousness and we can’t see right from wrong, we don’t comprehend penalties and we don’t care about anyone but ourselves. We want what we want when we want it and there’s only one way of thinking – ours.

It’s been the id all along and I have been blaming the disrespect for each other on the poor EGO. The id who picks and chooses which laws it wants to follow, since consequences hold no meaning.  It’s the id who can’t compromise and is the force behind road rage and Facebook/Twitter wars. And don’t even get me started on the id’s control of Hollywood and Washington DC. The id has obviously grown up without any parental supervision and has tied up and muffled the superego, the part of us that censors the id with its morals and values.  That crazy ole id has totally high-jacked the ego, which is the mediator between the id and superego, and which makes our choices “just right.”

~~ It’s not the ego at all – it’s all about the id. ~~

How can we level out those Three Stooges so the id doesn’t out-shine the ego and superego? Perhaps a quick slap across their collective faces to shake them back to reality, to use common sense, to start thinking before acting and not jump to conclusions and judge or discuss every action of every person in the entire universe!

That id is out of control!

Ego, Id and Superego

That might just do it…  Click for my version of correcting the problem!

Grateful for your ego, your id and your superego when working cohesively,


p.s. For more on the three stooges in your head, follow the link – Thank you Dr. Freud for you pearls of wisdom…

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