Confessions – Things you might need to know about me…

  • In yoga class, where everyone’s practice is their own and where no one judges your ability – I always want to be the best, at least in my row.
  • When driving through the mountains or long stretches of freeways that have “specified passing lanes”, I take it as a challenge and pass everyone, even if they weren’t slowing me up. If they’re in that right lane, I MUST pass them.
  • I take my daughter’s cat, which we are cat-sitting, for walks on a leash. (I am now the cat lady in the neighborhood.)
  • I still write hand-written thank-you notes.
  • I believe doctors should treat you as a whole person, physically, emotionally, and mentally.
  • I love spending time in book stores, touching the books, reading the insights and being surrounded by all those words.
  • I could live in Staples, yep the office supply store, I’d be so organized.
  • In my closet, I hang my clothes in color order within type… (It could be the designer in me or a bit ADD, but I think it’s just easier to find them.)
  • I have two tattoos: One of two open hearts which represents a bond between my daughter and I and the other that says Gratitude in Chinese – which just happens to be located above the home of my long-gone tumor, coincidence… I think not.



  • If I’m your friend, I will be a friend forever…
  • I love the essence of Chicago, also the Blackhawks, the Bears, the (in my lifetime I’d like to see it happen) Cubs and the Bulls, if I liked basketball.
  • I love to watch soccer, not because both my children played it since they were five and one received a college scholarship out of it…
  • I am not perfect, I am not perfect, I am not perfect.
  • I am an artist.
  • I don’t attend a church, but do believe in God and Angels who hang out with me all the time.
  • Sometimes when I meditate, I try but just can’t help thinking about what we should cook for dinner.
  • I believe the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park ARE REAL.
  • A few movies I love: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Transformers (which are also REAL),Under the Tuscan Sun, A Walk in the Clouds (love the cinematography), Remember the Titans, Eat Pray Love and Jurassic Park.
  • Santa Claus IS real and if you don’t believe you don’t get gifts.
  • The actions of paying it forward are better than talking about paying it forward.
  • I believe thunderstorms are God’s way of saying I’m in charge (and I hope someday to live in an area where it actually rains).
  • I’m sad I don’t have a bucket list… yet.
  • I keep a martini glass in the freezer, just in case.
  • I cry at most Budweiser commercials – who doesn’t?
  • I never want to stop learning, which is apparent to me daily.
  • I count my blessings throughout the day for family and friends and being…

Grateful for you…



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