Aging and Grey Hair

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It’s been nearly 11 weeks since the infamous hamstring tear. I’m now able to walk straight without crutches assisting me, only have one PT session left and can sit for almost 30 minutes without whining — giving birth was less painful.  All the sofa time, following that 62nd birthday incident, had me thinking about aging and grey hair…

  • Before I became housebound, I did notice that some things do age gracefully, like the trees in the park, their wrinkles look so natural…

    Wrinkles look good on trees…

  • My mom at 62 told me she felt like she was still in her 20’s but her body, unfortunately, didn’t hang in there with her. She left us at 63. It seems strange that I’m nearly her age and like her, my mind is still in my 20’s, as indicated by risking life and limb playing Frisbee…
  • Thinking like I’m in my 20’s and the free-thinking that goes with that, I thought letting my hair color go to its natural state would be liberating, plus think of all the money I’d be saving! Since my dad handed down great genes as witnessed by my sisters, none of whom really ‘look’ their age, I thought what could it hurt? As time went on, the grow-out was not the beautiful white like my sisters, or a stunning salt and pepper like some friends – no, it was more like the grey of a battleship. So with the help of my hair dresser we added a few highlights to perk up the front.
  • Even with her help I encountered a few who unwittingly objected to the color change… While checking out at the Post Office the clerk asked for my ID. She commented, “Your hair WAS so cute.”  I’m taking that she liked my cut – not the fact that it was a warm brunette a few years ago?  Then there was the attendant at the car dealer who handed back my ID and said she needed MY ID – not my daughters.  Lord help me – dying my hair back to brunette may certainly be in the near future…
  • I started becoming nostalgic, as I switched sides of the sofa during my confinement. Like with the birth of everything Amazon…I miss taking the time to drive to a store, walk through the aisles, get my creative mojo going and touch items before I purchase. Now we sofa surf, click buy and thank Pay Pal so we don’t have to remember our credit card numbers. Putting everything on automatic reorder will keep us from remembering anything, ever…
  • When I recently left the house for a big day trip to launder our duvet, I noticed how it’s the small things that are starting to excite me. While making change for a $20 the coins fell out of the machine and made the sound of a Vegas slot machine and I started cheering – OMG…
  • I just filled out a survey for the insurance company regarding the PT for my hammy and was asked how I rated my mental health; I checked 10 for great! The next question had me check off my age in the ranges 52-56, 57-61, 62-66. I checked the wrong range, so much for that 10 for mental health…
  • Why after ‘this’ birthday have I started receiving mail on mortuaries or cemeteries and estate planning? Did this age trigger an alert that my expiration date is near?
  • Being sidelined with the TV or iPad in front of me started me thinking back to a time when we didn’t know everything, about everyone, and how long they’ve done it and with whom and the explanation of why. I liked it back then… I really did. Can we go back to the “good old days”?

I’m heading into my 63rd year with a stronger hamstring, my enhanced grey hair, and that attitude of a 20 year old.  After experiencing 11 weeks of retrospection my new mantra is:

“Today I will be happier

than a bird

with a French Fry”

And I will be….

Grateful for you,


Taking things for granted…

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So I sit here with my leg wrapped in elastic bandages, crutches leaning next to me with an ice pack on my butt.  All this downtime has given me time to reflect on taking things for granted…

In the past year or so I have lost three dear friends.  I miss them and wonder if I had stayed in contact with them enough?  Had I supported them enough through their illnesses, did I make them laugh?  Did I take our friendships for granted, thinking they would be there forever?

Last year my son’s heart was broken.  This reminded me that relationships are fragile and need to be treated as “brand new” as often as possible. It’s work, but should be good work!

It’s easy to take the gift of a treasured relationship or friendship for granted.

I was stung by my first scorpion this year.  The sting was like being stabbed with a piece of heated wire.  How is it possible that such a small thing can cause SO MUCH pain?  I took for granted the ability to make a fist, before our chance encounter.

On my 62nd birthday, I took a not-so-graceful dive playing frisbee, thus the elastic bandages.  The Frisbee incident, as we will now call it, made me realize that I’ve taken my ‘experienced’ body for granted. Even though I try to work out every day and had finally accomplished touching my palms to the floor in a forward fold during yoga, I needed to respect it more. I should have treated it as a treasured gift that has made it through two children, an appendicitis, biopsies, hysterectomy and tumor. And now that I can barely bend over the sink to brush my teeth, I realize I have taken for granted my muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Taking things for granted...


I know I take living in a country with incredible freedoms for granted. I take for granted having the ability to do and go and buy whatever I want (well, within the budget). I’ve taken for granted the safe feeling I have living day to day in this country, unlike many others who have lived their entire lives in fear and war.

I take for granted all the men and women who stand guard every day to keep my freedom safe. I’ve taken for granted all those who served, like my dad, my sister and granddad and the affect it had on their psyches. I know, for sure, that I have taken for granted the lives that were sacrificed to keep my family and me safe. Protecting this country: the land, the rights, the privileges and freedoms, was something they willingly did.  It breaks my heart that we’ve taken their sacrifices for granted by either apathy or disrespect.

Taking things for granted…

While I sit with my leg elevated and continue to ice, I will revisit all the things I should NOT take for granted: walking, bending, sleeping, and especially all those in the Service who I’ve never met, but who selflessly walked into danger for me.

Grateful for you, the ability someday to sit without pain, and for all those who lost their lives in the Service of this Country.


Intentions of Giving a Gift are Never Forgotten

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On Facebook the Illinois sister posted a picture of a bouquet of Lilies of the Valley from her yard.  Then it started with a comment, from the sister in California — “I miss them SOOO much!”

They ARE beautiful

Live Lilies

The comment then turned into an idea, one that the sister in Illinois had to do right away, before Lilies were out of season.

First she called florists in the state of California to see if they could deliver a bouquet to the sister whose comment reflected how she missed Midwest spring flowers, since her departure 25 years ago. The florist said, sure they could make it happen at $10 a stalk.  Her mouth dropped open as she looked at the yard that was completely covered with the blooming Lilies.  The florist suggested she overnight her home-grown bounty – perfect idea!

She quickly picked all the Lilies in the yard and made a bouquet including the ones that were on her kitchen counter. She stopped at a florist to ask ‘how’ to ship flowers, bought a water reservoir and then boxed them up.

They ran to the post office before 5:00pm Friday night and paid $40.00+ to overnight them and guarantee delivery by Saturday at 3:00pm.

She suggested the Cali sister stay at home to wait for the surprise delivery, which, sadly, never arrived. Sunday came and went and finally the box was delivered Monday at 12:15pm.

Well you guessed it, they were spoiled and the fragrance she was hoping to waft out of the box as it was opened, was transformed to that of “decaying flowers”.

They were beautiful!

Dead Lilies

Although the Illinois sister sat in sadness and anger at the disappointing events, she missed that the most important gift – WAS – given. It was the thought, the effort, the detail to attention and the desire to make something very special and unique happen for the California sister.

Gifts spoil, get eaten or broken, and may get hidden away but…

“Intentions of giving a gift are never forgotten!”

Thank you for the intention of sending me a bouquet of Lilies of the Valley! Next year I may just have to hop on a plane and enjoy them in person!

Grateful for you and Spring flowers,


I’m so Angry!

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Am I the only human that is so angry with the relentless jokes about the President, his family and the latest one regarding the President and his daughter, which came out of the mouth of Bill Maher???

No one liked the tone the President took towards women when videos came out pre-election, yet we sit here and witness the same or worse from the detractors of the President and laugh along with them. If we didn’t like how the President spoke about or treated women, how is it now acceptable to hear it from a talk show host?

I grew up in a time where you respected the position of President – whether you liked him personally or not; whether you voted for him or not. Attacks were kept to policy not family.  We as conservatives or liberals or independents have become so accepting of the hurtful things that are said in the name of ‘freedom of speech’.  In what world is it ok to infer there is an incestuous relationship between the President and his daughter or for that matter any father and his daughter?  Is this freedom of speech or just defamation because it’s reported all over the news and internet as a comedic skit?  I believe it’s just rude and hurtful.

Where is the “class” we once knew,

where everyone was held to a certain level of appropriateness?

I, with many, didn’t like it when the Bush’s daughters, or Clinton’s daughter or Obama’s daughters were berated.  Where is the outrage now? People have lost their jobs in the past for doing it, why aren’t they now?  Have we all become numb to tasteless jokes at the expense of another human beings feelings and their families and their small children just because it’s not the person ‘we’ wanted in the Whitehouse?

Why aren’t more women speaking up in defense of this intelligent and successful woman? Whether you are a liberal or conservative why aren’t you speaking out against the inappropriateness of these comments?  Is it because she is the daughter of man you don’t support or are you afraid you’ll be ostracized because you’re a conservative so you temper your outrage?  Either way where is the outcry to stop the current level of crudeness we accept as every day talk?

I don’t really care what political party you associate yourself with, I’m actually disenchanted with both, but the non-stop dialogue about a man and his family instead of the policies is just plain disrespectful and wrong.

We’re all from different eras, where certain things were acceptable – that didn’t make them RIGHT.  Do you continually need to use a person and his family as the butt of your jokes to keep your career alive?  Can you actually be funny without having to dehumanize or ridicule a person to make you look amusing or important or popular?

Isn’t that the definition of a bully?

I’m not quite sure why Maher’s comments set me off and made me so angry, perhaps I’ve reached my tipping point and my integrity meter just blew up!  We are all up in arms at the bullying in schools, but as adults we watch it and are entertained by it daily.  I’m so confused…

Is having a bit of class and being less rude a bad thing?  I know, I know I’m sounding like my mom now…

Struggling to be grateful at this moment,