I’m so Angry!

Am I the only human that is so angry with the relentless jokes about the President, his family and the latest one regarding the President and his daughter, which came out of the mouth of Bill Maher???

No one liked the tone the President took towards women when videos came out pre-election, yet we sit here and witness the same or worse from the detractors of the President and laugh along with them. If we didn’t like how the President spoke about or treated women, how is it now acceptable to hear it from a talk show host?

I grew up in a time where you respected the position of President – whether you liked him personally or not; whether you voted for him or not. Attacks were kept to policy not family.  We as conservatives or liberals or independents have become so accepting of the hurtful things that are said in the name of ‘freedom of speech’.  In what world is it ok to infer there is an incestuous relationship between the President and his daughter or for that matter any father and his daughter?  Is this freedom of speech or just defamation because it’s reported all over the news and internet as a comedic skit?  I believe it’s just rude and hurtful.

Where is the “class” we once knew,

where everyone was held to a certain level of appropriateness?

I, with many, didn’t like it when the Bush’s daughters, or Clinton’s daughter or Obama’s daughters were berated.  Where is the outrage now? People have lost their jobs in the past for doing it, why aren’t they now?  Have we all become numb to tasteless jokes at the expense of another human beings feelings and their families and their small children just because it’s not the person ‘we’ wanted in the Whitehouse?

Why aren’t more women speaking up in defense of this intelligent and successful woman? Whether you are a liberal or conservative why aren’t you speaking out against the inappropriateness of these comments?  Is it because she is the daughter of man you don’t support or are you afraid you’ll be ostracized because you’re a conservative so you temper your outrage?  Either way where is the outcry to stop the current level of crudeness we accept as every day talk?

I don’t really care what political party you associate yourself with, I’m actually disenchanted with both, but the non-stop dialogue about a man and his family instead of the policies is just plain disrespectful and wrong.

We’re all from different eras, where certain things were acceptable – that didn’t make them RIGHT.  Do you continually need to use a person and his family as the butt of your jokes to keep your career alive?  Can you actually be funny without having to dehumanize or ridicule a person to make you look amusing or important or popular?

Isn’t that the definition of a bully?

I’m not quite sure why Maher’s comments set me off and made me so angry, perhaps I’ve reached my tipping point and my integrity meter just blew up!  We are all up in arms at the bullying in schools, but as adults we watch it and are entertained by it daily.  I’m so confused…

Is having a bit of class and being less rude a bad thing?  I know, I know I’m sounding like my mom now…

Struggling to be grateful at this moment,





10 thoughts on “I’m so Angry!

  1. I couldn’t agree MORE! It angers me that generations following have no respect and even less class. Thank you for saying the words!

  2. Sheree, I know we’re going to differ over our opinions on this and you know how much I love you……I would never let our political opinions change that. But I have to say in THIS case, I think Trump has brought all the ridicule on himself. We’ve never had such a class-LESS President in Office. One where it’s impossible to decipher the truth from the lies. A man who has openly stated that he would date his daughter – if she weren’t his daughter. One who brags about grabbing women by the pu%%y. A President that desperately needs to brush up on his American history and actually READING the Constitution wouldn’t be a bad idea! We’ve never had a President that put his children into paid positions in the White House but would never define WHAT those positions were (pure nepotism). He’s a pathological narcissist. I too, am struggling to remain positive in any sense of the word. THIS President scares the beJesus out of me!! I don’t feel that he can be compared to ANY President we’ve had in the past (and not in a good way). Regardless of party – we’ve never had such a class-less buffoon in the Oval Office. In MY opinion, he has opened himself up and deserves all the criticism and ridicule he gets. (Although, Bill Maher’s comment was a bit crass). Still love YOU!!!

  3. Judith Carter typified your outrage to a tee. She spent three quarters of her diatribe describing her belief in why her demagoguery is apparently called for since Trump has been insensitive in the past. A perfect example of the classic justification for poor behavior that we call rationalization. I agree with your observations and feel the same level of disgust. Judith seems to be okay with Colbert referring to the President as Putin’s c—k holster because, well I guess that’s okay.

  4. Sheree, I agree with all that you said. It is not a like or dislike for others or an agreement or disagreement…it is the rudeness to others… not acceptable and I am mad as well. Where is our class and dignity?
    Thank you for putting this out there for all of us to think about. I am also not so grateful right now for the behavior of Americans to each other.

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