My Blog and Me

I have had many titles:











basket weaver (though not through an institution),

floral designer,


interior designer,

insurance agent,

and the sole owner of a large tumor.

I am a sister to three, a wife to one, a mother to two and lucky to be, a friend to many. I am still waiting to get a stamp on my passport, lived in IL, IN, AZ and CA, worked for a variety of companies, owned my own design business, went to college while raising my children and was blessed to be home with them for their entire childhood.

I am an artist by nature, so throughout this journey, I have watched the scenery and with that created my very own ‘observations’ on what’s been going on. Being an artist I believe observations sometimes need an outlet other than paint to describe them.  So I paint with words and hope they will make you laugh, ponder and sometimes tear up. Though you may not always agree with my ‘observations,’ I ask that you at least open a little door in your heart to view the different perspective that I paint. So please stop in often, bring your cup of coffee and visit with me, so I can share with you what I’ve been observing!

9 thoughts on “My Blog and Me

  1. I’m so very proud of you big sister. Your insight on life, love, and family are amazing and I look forward to hearing about your observations going forward.


  2. Documenting your observations is a natural for you! It’s like reading a greeting card with everything I would like to say, but can’t find the words or way to express my thoughts.

    Keep on blogging…I’ll be checking in often!


    • Thank you dear friend. Your were very much a part of this whole project and I will forever be grateful for that and you!

  3. You have always had a gift of painting with both the brush and words. I’m so happy you are now sharing your words in your blog. I’ll check in often with my coffee in hand.

  4. FINALLY….a way for you to share so many of your wonderful & inspiring words. Thank you for it all & I will be sharing your blog with others.. Love ya

  5. This blog is like getting a gift every time I open it! Sheree, you have always had the gift of expressing yourself through your paintings and now your words! Can’t wait to see what’s coming next! You are amazing!! My coffee cup will be full!

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