What I imagine God’s Answers to be…

God's Answers

God’s Answers…

So while saying prayers each day I often imagine these would be God’s Answers …

“You know you don’t actually have to name every family member and friend each night, right? I’m pretty sure I remember their names.”

“The plane has a mechanic to check all the nuts and bolts and tire pressures, but I’ll be here during the flight if you need to talk.”

“Thank you for asking to send courage to those who are struggling with illnesses, because my plans aren’t always black and white and may not be what everyone needs or wants.”

“I agree with you, people should pay attention more to the task at hand. And the coffee drinking, phone talking driver who almost hit you isn’t really listening to me right now because multi-tasking has replaced what they came into the world with – common sense.”

“Yes, there is a reason why I made cactus so pokey.”

“No I can’t make people act in a kind way.  They are given a few simple rules and if that’s too much for them, they’ll have natural consequences – promise!”

“Thank you for acknowledging all the choices you have when you go to the grocery store.”

“No I can’t make it rain, but realizing that the weather patterns I created are cyclical might help you ration what you have.”

“Yes I have a sense of humor, that’s why YOU have a sense of humor.”

“I agree, one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to deal with is allowing others to be who they are.”

“I understand your confusion. The only thing I can do is send clarity for those involved in your upcoming election.  So get off of Facebook and avoid all the negativity from both sides and refer to the note above this one…”

“I understand the pain of watching your children go through heartbreaking times.”

“You’re welcome for the beauty of nature, even the roly poly bugs.”

“Yep, I’m there for your children, it’s up to them to ask for the help and accept that sometimes a non-answer is an answer.”

“Scorpions are needed, honest.”

“You’re welcome — sometimes you need a wake-up call and yours, dear one, was Boomer…”

Grateful for you and God’s Answers,


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