My Conversations with God

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The last few weeks I’ve been caught up in the festivities of turning 60 and then off to Phoenix to help out a friend who is the main caregiver for her husband who has stage 4 spinal cancer.

To say the least my mind has been from here to there and back again:  happy, sad, grateful and humbled.  And all the while something had been missing; my conversations with God.

Tending to the ChickensI was preoccupied, caught up in celebrating, immersed in my friend’s medical paperwork.  I was feeding chickens, cleaning up after dogs, doing laundry and trying to be the cheery one, but there was an emptiness, something I hadn’t felt in a while, something was missing; my conversations with God.

If you know me I am by no means a religious person, meaning organized religion.  I was Baptized Catholic, married by a Methodist minister and joined the Church of God and Presbyterian Church.  Attending a service at Church once a week is completely fulfilling for many people.  But my conversations with God happen multiple times a day, most every day, sometimes hourly.

But I digress…

During the last 4 weeks with all my busy-ness and celebrations, my EGO, as Wayne Dyer refers to as “Edging God Out,” did the talking.  I wasn’t quiet and I didn’t let my heart have the conversation and my soul do the listening.

So while it is summertime and “the living is easy,” which we know it won’t be unless we make it that way, here are a few suggestions: Put DOWN your phone, turn off the TV, hide out in a quiet room and just be.

Put your ego on pause and have that conversation with God.  He’s waiting to hear about your day, your worries, and your celebrations.  Don’t interrupt either, be still, he speaks quietly like a butterfly’s wings and be aware he doesn’t always answer on your time-table (I hate that one).

Then voila, the something that’s been missing will be back!  Your happy place will be waiting for you and it’s as simple as having that conversation.  A conversation with a force that’s bigger than you and that know-it-all EGO — which quite often needs a leash adjustment.

Grateful for you,


P.S.  If you know of a caregiver to someone who is ill or aging, please remember to give THEM some care.

P.S. Enjoy summer and this link to the amazing song – Summertime by Ella Fitzgerald!!!